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How did everything go so tits-up in such a short space of time?

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Shout out to my crew: people that were told they were brilliant as children and then went on to be below average adults. We ride together, we disappoint our parents together.

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I just want to lay down 
put my head on your chest
and listen to your heart beat
and then probably suck your dick or something idk

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People are a massive waste of time. Guys make alright friends and they’re fun to fuck, but if you let them do both at the same time they’re only interested in mind games. I’m going back to being the reckless slut I was at the end of 2012, will never be letting myself make that mistake again!

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If I never achieve anything in life I think I’ll always be content so long as I never end up the kind of person who spends countless hours and pounds on clothes, make up and hair-do’s so I can stand about some dull night club with a colourful cocktail scowling down my nose at, and making fun of people who never had enough time, money or fucks to make as much effort as me, terrified to dance in case I knock a hair out of place and tricking guys into firing into me so I can give them a false number and boast to my equally moronic pals about how much of a heartless cow I am. I rarely look good when I leave for a night out, and I pretty much always come home looking 10x worse than when I left, I act like a total lad when I’m out and I have next to no regard for the concepts of ‘classy’ and ‘lady-like’ for which I’ll probably be eternally single, the means through which I get my kicks are pretty much universally frowned upon and in many cultures a sign of failing at adulthood. But as long as I never have to bring someone else down, either to their face or someone else’s to have a good time or feel good about myself then I reckon I’ll always be a decent human being.

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Well, he was sorta asking for it, dressing in such flammable clothing.

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scarlet stockings